8369 Collection
13 Classes
500 Traits
Kawayushi live in a world full of exciting beings and creatures. As diverse as they are interesting, Kawayushi are the gatekeepers to their world.  Each species has its own benefits and even more that are yet to be discovered!


If there is one thing Kawayushi love more than their style it is their pets!  Their animal companions, known as KawaDachi, are fascinating creatures. Only Kawayushi can bring KawaDachi into the world and they must nurture them or else risking their pet’s death.
Kawadachi Bentos S1
Owning a Kawayushi will allow you to bring Kawadachi into the world.  There are as many classes of pets as there are Kawayushi, from common to mythic.
Your companions start off as eggs of sorts, where you will have to nurture them to the next growth stage. Once hatched you will discover what kind of Kawadachi you have. Collect your favorites, sell them, or trade them!


Q4 2022
Collection of 8369 Genesis Kawayushi goes on sale
Q4 2022
Creation of the Kawayushi wallet. In it, we will store part of the mint and part of the royalties from the secondary market sales. With it, we will fund community events and other community building projects.
Q1 2023
Kawadachi eggs will be available to claim or air dropped to Kawayushi holders
Q2 2023
Kawadachi eggs reveal
Q3 2023
Kawadachi economy coins airdropped.
Q4 2023
Kawadachi beta game play